Heden Ngo

Enterprise Development

Our Enterprise and Community Development initiatives aim to achieve sustainable economic growth of local enterprises and communities through innovative partnerships.


HEDEN has played a leading role in defining our intervention communities’ field of social enterprise as a tool to build community and self-reliance. Community enterprises — small businesses operated by communities and community organization for the dual purpose of sustainability, generating income and achieving social, economic, or environmental goals — is a creative vehicle for HEDEN to meet community needs in a sustainable way.


We have assisted hundreds of enterprises in creating impacts in communities. We aim to focus on high impact social enterprises that create employment for people and hence reduce poverty in the communities we serve.


At HEDEN, we believe that when people and communities are empowered financially, they are more likely to seek health care. In other to achieve our objective under this prong, HEDEN employs vocational skills acquisition training in liquid soap making, face powder making, disinfectant making, fashion designing, bead making, shoe making, and local cream production. The training also involve aspects of business development such as branding, marketing, savings, customer relations, market development and business planning.