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We organize events all around positive social change to bring community development

Once Every term program for both public and private secondary schools

This program focuses on Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention, Health and life skills through the establishment of Community Based Animators Club in communities; Seeds of Hope Club and TEENADA clubs in schools. E4Y uses art, craft, drama, songs and education to empower youths and build their skills to shun social vices, violence and contribute to community development and social change. The Seeds of Hope Club is established in 13 private schools and TEENADA club is currently operating in 4 public schools. Total club membership is over 1,200 and keeps growing. Projects include Painting for Development – A project using Art as a medium for communication against social vices by students. Over the years, HEDEN brings together the members of the 2 clubs in an annual (December) event tagged Annual Youth Service Day (AYSD). The event showcases the innate skills and abilities of the student in competitions in the areas of Art, Drama, Songs, Poetry, dance, Debates, addressing a specific youth development theme. Winners are awarded prizes at the end of the event.


  • We have reached over 10,000 students since 2005
  • Over 12 Secondary Schools covered

Sweet Mother Program Since 2003


Event for Pregnant women and nursing mothers


Sweet Mother Program is a maternal and child health program aimed at empowering parents, families with knowledge, resources, skills and behaviors to ensure safe motherhood, healthy children and a good start to life for newborns. It is the first project of HEDEN which started in 2003.


It is a 1-hour monthly entertainment education using talks, dance, songs and research question and answer session are parts of the program. Experience sharing and demonstrations of methods and life skills are also included.



  • We have Reached over 1,800,000 women and men in 11 community health centers since 2003.

Community 4 Health

Health For vulnerable groups in Hard to reach communities

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