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The history of Sweet Mother APP started with Sweet Mother Program which was established in 2003 in a private hospital during the Executive director, Mrs Folasade Ofurune’s antenatal clinic. She noticed women often hold wrong beliefs and practices that can impact their health negatively. So she discussed with the medical director of the hospital to be given permission to speak with the women for one hour during the antenatal clinic. And the permit was granted.

Sweet Mother Program is the first project and the beginning of the establishment of Health Education and Empowerment Initiative (HEDEN). She started the sweet mother program, and it continued in the private hospital till 2007 when HEDEN got a grant.

In 2007, Sweet Mother Program was funded by Child Health Foundation, Rainbow Cards Limited and Olubayo Nigeria Limited to be extended to two public health centres but when the program started, other health centres started begging and so, the program was extended to 3 other health centres.

The Sweet Mother Program is a maternal and child health program aimed at empowering parents, families with knowledge, resources, skills and behaviour to ensure safe motherhood, healthy children and a good start for newborns. It’s a one-hour monthly entertainment education using talks, dance, songs, research, question and answer session as part of the program. It also includes experience sharing, demonstration of methods and life skills. It is designed to achieve SDG’s 3, 4, 5, 10, and 17

In 2017, exactly 10 years after the first grant of sweet mother program, the same three organizations seeing that the Sweet Mother Program has reached over a million mothers and it is still surviving, decided to fund the Sweet Mother APP.

The Sweet Mother APP is a simple, easy to use and handy tool which provides access to accurate maternal and child health education while removing socio-cultural and environmental barriers in the language best understood by people.

The Sweet Mother APP is also the brainchild of the executive director of HEDEN, Mrs Folasade Ofurune, who is always thinking of how to reach more mothers and remove barriers with the goal of reducing maternal and child mortality. Today, the launch of Sweet Mother App is historic to the mothers HEDEN has worked with, our long-time funders and the executive director, Mrs Folasade Ofurune.

You are also welcome to be part of global history as Sweet Mother App is the first of its kind in the world. It is the only maternal and child health App that is evidence-based and translated into five (5) languages. You can join this epic global history by downloading the Sweet Mother App free on Play store and App store. Also, tag us with our hashtags- #SweetMotherApp, #SweetMotherAppMakesItSimple, #IUseSweetMotherApp. Share our App, tweet at us @HedenNgo and retweet about Sweet Mother App.