The Micro Nutrient Supplementation Project is a nutrition project for vulnerable population in hard-to-reach communities. It involves maternal education, community sensitization using talks, videos and demonstration methods. It includes distribution of Micronutrients namely; Vitamin A, Albendazole, and Multivitamins to community health centers. Project is supported by Vitamin Angels, USA.

The Vitamin A is for age 6 months – 59 months, Albendazole – 6 months- 59 months and Multivitamin- Pregnant women.

The project objectives are: To improve birth weight; Reduce still birth; Reduce the incidence of diseases caused by Vitamin and mineral deficiency; increase child survival; protect the eyes and eyesight, prevent anemia, build healthy immune system and Promote physical growth.

Target population- Infant, children and pregnant women.

Project Reach- 11 communities health centers since 2019.

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